Glycon has developed a dopamine glycoconjugate (IPX-750) to address the unmet medical needs of Parkinson’s disease and to add to the therapeutic options. 


IPX-750 has been shown to reduce and prevent the aggregation/misfolding of the alpha synuclein protein.


Three different Rodent models in published studies from Baylor have reversed Parkinson’s symptoms. 


IPX-750 was shown to be non toxic, to have a delayed onset of symptom mitigation, a long, slow wash out period and a possible biological reservoir buffer to eliminate ‘On-Off” fluctuations and pulsatile delivery.


IPX-750 has also mitigated Parkinson’s clinical behavioral symptoms in Marmoset model studies at the University of Wisconsin.


Glycon Pharma was founded in April of 2011.


We have offices and labs at the Louisiana Technology Center in Baton Rouge, LA


We have additional collaborations with:


- University of Alabama Birmingham


- University of Wisconsin


- Louisiana State University


- Henry Ford Hospital


- Birmingham Southern College.