Glycon has developed a patented dopamine glycoconjugate pro-drug (IPX-750) that facilitates the crossing of dopamine itself across the blood brain barrier for the treatment of Parkinson’s, Essential Tremors, RLS and other dopamine deficiency indications. 

IPX-750 has shown to reduce the aggregation of the alpha synuclein protein, with very positive results in studies with marmoset models at University of Wisconsin, positive results in crossing BBB at LSU and potent anti-Parkinson’s effects in three different rodent model studies conducted at the Baylor College of Medicine.


IPX-750 is a pro-drug dopamine-glucoconjugate designed to retain sterospecificity of binding at glucose transporters, intestinal glucose co-transporters, dopamine transporter and dopaminergic receptors.

Parkinson's Patient

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