- Reduces aggregation of alpha synuclein 


- Reversal of Parkinson’s Symptoms

- Non Toxic to Nigral Dopamine Cells 

- Slow Washout Period  

- Positive results in marmoset models 


- Oral, IV, IM Delivery


- Rapid Onset of Action   


- Possible Neuro-protective Properties 

IPX-750 has shown very significant effects in reducing the aggregation/misfolding of the alpha-synuclein protein in studies at the University Of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) with the protein being furnished by the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.

IPX-750 Treatment Graph

IPX-750 attenuates α-synuclein oligomerization.

Percent reduction in α-synuclein oligomerization, a condition that leads to Parkinson disease, was measured in response to IPX-750 treatment.


These combined results suggest the following:

1. That stereospecific glyconconjugation may be an effective intervention to improve penetrability of drugs     through the blood brain barrier.

2. Treatment with IPX-750 in vitro did not show evidence for neurotoxicity.

3. IPX-750 possesses possible neuroprotective effects on substantia nigral neurons in rodent models.

4. IPX- 750 possesses dopaminergic properties and exerts anti-parkinsonian effects in three different                 Parkinson’s disease rodent models and with marmoset models.

5. A Reduction and prevention of the aggregation/misfolding of the alpha synuclein protein, suggesting           therapeutic potential for this new class of drugs in treating Parkinson’s disease and other dopamine               deficiency diseases.

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